Welcome to the home of God of Nature. I’m Pastor Rich and I hope you have been able to get a copy of my new book. If not, pick up a copy HERE. I love the outdoors, especially spending long stretches of time surrounded by forest and dirt. I also love my family and friends and enjoy spending time with them around a campfire on a cool evening. Foremost, I love God, and I go into the woods to have fellowship with Him apart from our increasingly technological world.



First Appalachian Trail hike in 2008

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I am a Pastor, a hiker, a writer, a father and a husband. My personal mission statement is “to help people experience God in nature”. I have hiked 310 miles on the Appalachian Trail in addition to many miles of trails in Alabama and Florida. In 2012, I climbed 14,345 foot Mount Blanca in Colorado, checking off item #1 on my bucket list. Finishing the book God of Nature was item #12. I hope to finish section hiking the AT in 2036 (item #8) and then thru-hike the trail in 2037 (item #9), the 100th anniversary of the first thru-hike.

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If you would like me to lead your group on a guided hike, I would love to do that. If you are a pastor who has an appreciation for nature, I would love to speak at your church about our incredible, matchless God of nature.

I’d also love to hear from you about how you experience God in nature . . .