Walking with God – Little Grand Canyon

Usually nothing out of the ordinary happens – not so today.

It’s been a hot summer!  It seems like they keep getting hotter and hotter, so I hoped that by the end of September the temperature would be tolerable for our first Walking with God hike of the semester.  It was just barely tolerable.  We had three newbies to the group – Jeremy, Cherie and Jason – in addition to my wife, Jen, and son, Brody.  I always enjoy sharing my favorite trail loops with new hikers. Usually, though, nothing out of the ordinary happens.  Not so today.  Trail maintainers were out in force on the UWF bike trails.  We let them know how much we appreciated their hard work.  There were lots of dogs on the trail too.  Brody was minding his own business when a black snake darted out of the woods and through his legs.  Then a little further down, Jason spotted a small snake wrapped around a tree branch.  I had never seen so much wildlife in one outing.  We then made our way to one of my favorite spots in Pensacola – the Little Grand Canyon (which is really just a big clay ditch that erodes more every time it rains).  People throw their old TVs into it and sometimes even clean dead animal carcasses there.  We ended with 3.1 miles which is always nice because we feel good for having completed a 5K without meaning to. Cold fronts are on their way, so next time should be much nicer.

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